Had a nice run on Saturday out by Granite Falls at the Ron Herzog 50k Memorial Run. Scotty already has a great write-up on his blog so I will keep this simple. It was great to meet Lindsey, Craig, Ravi, Stan (who finished is 300+ ultra/marathon), Susan and Reed. Tony Covarrubias and Shawn McTaggar did a great job as co-race directors.

Normally I would not be inclined to run a 50k with ~30m on forest roads, especially when the first 8 miles or so are UP a road, but the close location to Seattle, the fact that it was a low key event (35 runners), a memorial run, and the lure of the ‘tank traps’ was just too much. So off I went. What can I say? We ran through some really deforested areas for maybe 12 miles (?) before leaving the forest road for the ‘tank traps’. This entailed running on some of the most overgrown trail I have ever been down with occasional deep ditches. Some of these were only a few feet down, others were over your head and found us slipping down one side and clawing up the other (well – ok…there was only one as bad as this). But definitely a nice change from running on the roads and fun overall. The aid station was around the half way point and I loaded up with Halloween candy and more before a long gradual descent in the rain. The last couple miles were on the paved Mountain Loop Highway where some yokels were busy shooting their guns behind a thin curtain of trees. Nothing like gunfire to make you kick it in on the homestretch 🙂 Full pictures are online but here are a couple:

A little overgrown? 

All done and in dry clothes!
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  1. Hey Seth–

    What a terrific post and set of pictures!! Your pics really show the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thanks too for the kind words. Hopefully we can come up with something interesting in the next month or two.


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