Ran this super fun, super tough 50k with Kelly this weekend. The run was put on by James Varner of Rain Shadow Running. James always throws a good run and it was as much fun as last year except colder. Around mile 20, I mentioned that all I could think about was food and Kelly mentioned how she was thinking James (and his course design) was kicking her ass. This later led to the photo opp below.

Lots of varieties of trails and lots and lots of climbing with ~8k feet of gain. And, fortunately, lots of Boundary Bay beer at the end. It was nice to see Scotty, Pablo, Caryn, Chrissy, Eric, Glen, Laura, and other friends! Good times, trashed quads. . Some pics below. More are online…

One thought on “Orcas Island 50k

  1. Great pics Seth! That one with James and Kelly is funny. We should figure a time to run soon. If not, there’s the Gorge! Looking forward to that.

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