What a day, SWEETFCers!Kelly here with very exciting news!!At 5:25am on Friday morning in Nepal, Seth stood on the summit of Everest!!!!  I got the briefest of phone calls from him, telling me he was there, and it was beautiful, and it was cold (very cold).  I know he had to take his gloves and his oxygen mask off to call me, and it sounded like every second with those off was a second he was inviting frostbite into his experience, so our chat was very short.  He’s still got a long way down before we can really start to party, but…. HOLY SH********!!!!  SETH JUST SUMMITTED EVEREST!!!!!!Please keep those prayers and good vibes coming… I’m torn between a huge celebration and the sobering knowledge that his adventure really isn’t anywhere near over yet.  I will, of course, update this blog again as soon as I hear from Seth from Camp IV or Camp III.  Hopefully I’ll be able to fill you all in with a lot more detail then.

In the meantime… thanks for all your love and support!!  I know we all share our feelings of pride and excitement right now as we bask in the glow of Seth’s remarkable accomplishment.


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