It was a wet and cloudy 50 miles this weekend. The best part was seeing friends Yassine Diboun and Matt Palilla take 2nd and 3rd place. Actually I didn’t see it (I was hours and hours back) but I hear it was quite the show down at the end. Wish I could have been there. While it was nice to not get baked by the sun, spending the whole day in some relatively cold/wet weather got old pretty fast. I ran with a large collection of Nepali vocabulary flash cards which I never pulled out because of the rain and generally laziness. Thank you Daniel Letzler for offering to laminate them next time. I was saved largely by the company I got to run with: Stephanie Gundel who distacted me with talk of IRB applications, Arya Jonathan Farahani who tangled with some nasty bees but is fortunately ok (I will always carry Benadryl from now on), Sam who flew out from the east coast to enjoy the rain,Ian Burton representing Team 7 Hills, Gretchen Walla who came very close to being assimilated into Team 7 Hills, and Megan Myers wrapping up her first 50 miler. I even ran with Rich White for about 30 seconds and of course he made me laugh. And also to Benjamin Leopold from NYC for finishing his first 50 miler. Thanks to all the volunteers – especially Heather E. Lowe at the Fawn Ridge aid station. Glenn Tachiyama & Takao Suzukii for great pics. Matt Fisher, Ian Preppernau and Pablo Trejo gave me a big boost. And Scott McCoubrey, Eric Sach, John Wallace III, and many others for race organizing. And also a big thanks to Jordan Maki-Richards for driving down/up with me. Nice to see so many friendly faces out there! ‪#‎fightclubmonday‬ ‪#‎Team7Hills‬ ‪#‎WideOpenVistas‬


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