Most of the sailboats have disappeared except our boat Sisserou and a few stragglers. I am in Newport, Rhode Island gearing up for my first offshore sailing experience. Not much time to write in detail or to wax poetically as we leave tomorrow morning and there is still much to be done. Can’t seem to fix the formatting on this post either. So be it!

But if you want to follow along in near-real time, here is a link that should show our location every hour or so and some of the weather we are encountering.  We should also be able to add small blog updates along the way. We’ve already written a few since we left Gloucester, MA.
A fall back way to track  is through my sat tracker:  It is clunky though and will not be updated as frequently.

There may also be some info and pics on:

The tentative plan is to head to Southeast to Bermuda first which is about 640nm (736 miles)  straight as the crow flies from where we are currently sitting.  If all goes well, it will take us 4-5 days to get to  Bermuda.  From there, we will quite likely head to Antigua and Guadeloupe before landing in Dominica sometime later in November.  I’ll be crewing for friends from the PNW, Liz and Richard, on their sailboat ‘Sisserou’ – they used to live on Dominica so know the waters well.   We are watching the weather models and right now it looks like Richard and I  will leave tomorrow  with the hope for smooth sailing to Bermuda where hopefully Liz will be able to join us for the next leg.

Happy Halloween!
Seth and Richard on SV Sisserou
Richard giving the Halloween sunset a thumbs up.
Departure Planning and Studying the Gulf Stream

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    1. We did! What a crazy journey. Kind of like a long distance run: go go go. (Minus the hurting legs). Hope you are well Scotty, thanks for following. We are gearing up for the next leg! Hi to Deborah.

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