In 2013, I learned that the best way to wash the dirt off from Kilimanjaro is to visit Zanzibar, a small island off the coast of Tanzania.  Last month, after helping with a Kilimanjaro trip (trip report) organized by Himalayan Adventure Labs, I got another chance to visit this ‘Spice Island’.  The goal was to rest, recover, and to have another go at kite surfing as I didn’t get very far in 2013.   I was joined by Jenny Husby, another native of the Pacific Northwest who was on our 2017 Annapurna Circuit Fastpack and also a participant with our Kilimanjaro trip. For the most part, we spent three solid days doing nothing in this tropical paradise before I headed to Dar es Salaam for some sailing classes.


I didn’t actually get that far with kite surfing, the winds died down after the second day and I was stuck in a lounge chair watching the ocean (tough life)



I couldn’t remember where I stayed in 2013, but I knew it was on the east side of the island so I went there again – no sunsets to be had, but great sun rises.




So many amenities!
Meditative dog


Meditative cat


After a few days of lazing away at the beach, I took a puddle jumper to Dar es Salaam on the mainland. In the months leading up to my visit to Tanzania I had spammed the yacht club, asking if (please!) would someone be available to help me improve my sailing skills? As luck would have it, a local ex-pat from South Africa named Peter had just finished teaching a keel boat class and had some time to show this landlubber around.


I took a taxi straight from the airport to the yacht club – what a surreal experience!


This 36 foot catamaran became my school for two days (and also my lodging)


Alas, no pictures of Peter or his mate Michael – but I did get one of Dar es Salaam from the helm.


Definitely more to learn, but I had a great time. The perfect antidote to Kilimanjaro. Thank you Peter and Michael! I will be back!


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    1. Debbie! I thought I replied earlier. So sorry – I thought of you many times on the mountain Debbie – especially climbing up to Lava Tower. Hope you are well!

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