Home is in the Pacific Northwest where I love to explore trails, rivers, and places without trails. I also conduct research and teach at the University of Washington (CV) on topics like: data governance, adverse medical events, and patient centered technologies.

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To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life. -Walter Mitty

Adventure Highlights

Foibles, follies and fun



  • Sea-Kayak: Sept 23-25: Paddled from Orcas to Anacortes with friends. | Trip Report
  • Summer Sail: July 1-Sept 2.  Sailed for month of July then with Robin, Sudeep (Spencer, Cyprus, Clark) and packrafted (Rockport to Concrete, bike back) | Trip Report
  • Full time-Study: June: Finished second year of Marine Technician Program.
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  • Full time-Study:  Sept: Started second year of Marine Technician Program in Diesal Mechanics.
  • Summer Sail: July.  Sailed San Juans (Cyprus, Obstruction Pass, Saucia, Stewart, Deer Harbor, Jones, Friday Harbor, Fairhaven).
  • Full time-Study: June: Finished first year of Marine Technician Program.
  • …TBA


  • Tacoma to Anacortes Sail: Moved Sailboat Cimaise back to Anacortes to live on during school.
  • Full time-Study: September: Enrolled in Marine Technician Program at Skagit Valley College –  Anacortes, WA to study Marine Electrical Systems.
  • Puyallup Pack Raft: June 13th. Ran with baby joggers about ~7 miles along the Puyallup and then tried to float back but river was too fast. Got out after a mile.
  • Anacortes to Tacoma Sail: June 6-7th. Brought the Cimaise home to Tacoma. Overnighted in Winslow.  Had to motor sail.
  • Tolt River Pack Raft: May 21st. Ran with baby joggers about ~5 miles up to the Tolt River road and then floated back down. Lots of fun. Mostly class I with a little class II. One long portage.
  • Olympic Coast Hike: March 10-15th.  In lieu of visiting Nepal we we went to the Olympic coast. in via Ozette River crossing and crossed the river via pack raft, tagged Shi Shi and returned to the trail head. Tried to visit Makah Peninsula
  • Orcas 100m. Feb 7th-8th.  I ran this two years ago and should have learned my lesson.  This year it was very rainy and windy with trails covered in mud, snow and water.  I finished 4th from last, about 15 minutes under the 36 hour cutoff. Whew.
  • Capital Peak ‘Don’t Get Shot Run’ 55k. Jan 25th. We had both signed up for the 55k organized race  the prior week but were nursing bad coughs and colds so we dropped down to the 25k.  We returned with the intent of running our own 55k route but there was too much gun fire (hunters or hopefully people at a turn-out doing target practice) so we ended up altering our route and heading for the peak instead. Still managed 55k – albeit very slow!


  • Hiking/Pack-rafting the Yakima River. December 25-27.  Two days hiking along the canyon rim (2 nights camping) and about 3 hours paddling back down.
  • Bremerton Fatass 50k.  November 24th.
  • Sailing in North Carolina. October 25th.  Sailing lessons from my uncle John! Trip Report
  • Kilimanjaro and Indian Ocean.  September.  8 Days on the Lemosho Route to Uhuru Peak – co-led with Sudeep Kandel this Himalayan Adventure Labs event (trip report). My third time up. Went to Zanzibar after and then to Sar es Salaam for a couple days sailing (trip report)
  • Cascade Loop Run/Raft/Hike. August. We did a two week road trip starting from near Snoqualmie pass and working our way east before circling back via Leavenworth. Along the way we ran loops (Alta Mountain and Rampart Lakes, Tuck and Robin, Jolly Mountain) – camping at trail heads in the VW. We pack rafted for two days on the Wenatchee (joined on the first day by Jessica Kelley) and spent 4 days doing the Alpine Lakes High Traverse with a fun off-trail section. All in all – good times. When it got too hot to run, we chilled at a campground, swung in a hammock, and read books. Hurray. Thanks to Ellen for planning virtually all of the logistics and to Rich White for the hospitality.
  • Mega Loop 56m Run. July. Ellen was training for Cascade Crest 100 miler and sketched out a 56 mile loop in the Cascades with 14,000ft of gain. The first 34 miles were heading north from Snoqualmie Pass on the J section of the PCT. I’ve only been on the first part of this (Kendal Catwalk) – all of it was stunning. We eventually left the PCT, crossed into the Middle Fork Valley via Dutch Miller Gap and then (at 2 am) climbed up the back side of Red Mountain on unmaintained trails before finally dropping down the front side and back to the car. Ellen had estimated 14 hours, I estimated 20, and it took us 26. It was my first overnight push is over a year. And it reminded me why.
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park Packraft July 1-4th and Family Reunion. My maternal grandparents Margot and James Jackson were passionate advocates of the Cuyahoga Park – living less than a mile from it.  With a family reunion planned in Ohio, I managed to float/paddle from the northern outskirts of Akron to the north end of the park near Cleveland – stealth camping for two nights along the way. I used my scout packraft and dodged a lot of submerged trees along the way.  Quite a learning experience. My sister, Mom, and Rafael picked me up at the north end and we went to the reunion hosted by my Aunt Mimi (thanks!). Trip report
  • Skykomish River Packraft ~30 miles. June.  We put in at Big Eddy and took out in Monroe.  The section from Sultan to Monroe was really slow.  Camped on a sandbar. Good times!
  • Columbia River to Cle Elum Run. June In two minor moments of madness in the past, Ellen and I have run from Cle-Elum, a small town just east of the Cascades, to Seattle on bike trails while pushing camping gear in a baby jogger.  The goal is to slowly link together sections that span the whole state of Washington. This time we drove even further west and ran from the Columbia River to Cle-Elum over three days on the Palouse-Cascades trail. Hot!  Thanks to Mike Horner for shuttling us and running with us and also to Rich White for the hospitality and hike at the end.
  • Sauk River Packraft. June 8th-9th. Met up with some fellow PNW packrafters and did the upper Sauk, camping off Mtn Loop Highway. Lots of fun and a little class III action. Thanks to Nat for organizing and Scottie for coming and braving the white water.
  • Adams Ski Descent. May 26th. Third mountain in a month and maybe my 4th summit on this volcano. Climbed with Ellen, Jenn and Harrison and found my enthusiasm for trudging up waning and almost quit. Made it to the summit though and skied down. I found the ski descent challenging and a bit beyond my skill level but managed to get down in one piece.

  • Mt. Saint Helens Climb/Ski Descent. May 11th. My second time climbing up – this was the day before Mothers Day and there were a ton of men in drag. I carried up my new AT ski setup and it was my first time skiing down a mountain outside of a resort. I found it exhilarating but also really challenging and had to stop and rest due to quads cramping and needing to study my lines. Ellen actually beat me back to the car on foot.


  • Mt. Eleanor Climb. May 4th -5th. Nice spring climb up this non-technical peak in the Olympics. We brought ropes and pickets anyway and practiced technical skills and camped just below the summit.

  • Whitewater class. April. I took a 3 day modified ‘Swiftwater Rescue Class’ designed for pack rafters. Learned a lot about reading white water, using throw ropes, safe river crossings and the like. Hope to do the full course in 2020 and continue to improve skills.
  • Cuba Foray: February. A nice trip with Ellen to visit my Mother and Rafael – they have been dividing their time between Northern NY and Havana for over 25 years. This was my third time visiting with my first about 14 years ago – it’s been interesting to see the city change. We managed a nice trip to the countryside with some fun running.
  • Capital Peak Mega Fatass. January 19th. 29 miles? I think this was supposed to be a 55k but the course was shortened. I really enjoy this kind of low-key run where the entry fee is only $10 and it goes toward a good cause. We need more events like this!
  • Capital Peak Mega Fatass.  January 19th. 29 miles?  I think this was supposed to be a 55k but the course was shortened. I really enjoy this kind of low-key run where the entry fee is only $10 and it goes toward a good cause. We need more like this!
  • Bridal Trails 50k. January 12th.  My 4th? time running this and my first long run in a long time! I like this run because it helps raise funds for a local running club and it starts at 3pm in the light (sunshine this time!) and then moves into the night.  It is 6 laps on easy trails – the first 4 went by fast but the last 2 were a chore. I shaved over an hour off my best time there though.


  • Olympic National Park Coastal Hike: November over Thanksgiving. Sudeep Kandel visted from Nepal and Ellen and I took him to some of our favorite places on the coast. Nothing like camping there in the winter! We went from Rialto up to the Chilean Memorial and also did a section from 3rd beach to Toleac Point.
  • Cle Elum to Snoqualmie Pass/Hyak Run. October? 30 miles? Ran along the Iron Horse Trail with Ellen and our gear in the baby jogger – connecting to where we started our run west in May. The goal is to eventually section run from the Idaho border to Seattle, or maybe the Pacific Ocean. We wild camped in the woods next to the river.
  • Annapurna Circuit Fastpack. September 15-30th. My fifth time co-leading this with Sudeep Kandel and my 7th time around the circuit. We had a great group this year!
  • Adirondack Canoe Trip: Five days of paddling with Ellen from Long Lake to Saranac Lake. My first multi-day paddle. Lots of newbie mistakes but lots of fun too.
  • Last Annual Vol State Road Race 314 miles. Tennessee. July 12-19th unscrewed.  Finished in 6 days 9 hours and change. Ugggh. Reminded me of my worst days on my transcon (heat, bad traffic, no shoulders). Tripped over a dead armadillo in the midst of the night.
  • Needles 55k  June 30th. Very slow – love the old school vibe of this event and the route.
  • Langtang Lollipop, 115 miles Nepal.  Start: May 27th 7:15am Finish: June 7th 2:58pm Total Time: Eleven days and 7hrs 43 min Pre-trip estimates: 186k/115mi, Total Ascent: 14,198m/46,581ft, Max Elevation: 5,130m/16,830ft Kanja Pass. Third time is a charm!
  • Snoqualmie Pass to Lake Forest Park. ~70 miles. May 26-27th.  Ran with Ellen Bayer on bike trails, pushed gear in baby jogger and camped near Snoqualmie Falls. Brought back some memories.
  • Chuckanut 50k. March 17th.  My sixth time. Very slow!
  • Cuba. February.  Visited my mother and Rafael – my third trip to this great place. Added bonus – my sister also visited at the same time from NY.
  • Orcas 100m. February. Finally stepped up to the plate. Completely under trained. Ran almost half of it with Ellen. Thanks to all the volunteers!.
  • Capital Peak 55k Fatass  Cold and almost soaked at the end. This forest was my first long run almost ten years ago (but the April version). I like that it supports Friends of Capital Peak Forest.


  • Deception Pass 50k This is a beautiful course (the first half especially, I am not that much of a fan of the two loops on the second half). I think this was my third time. Thanks to Rainshadow.
  • Annapurna FKT Attempt (DNF) October 6th-7th: Made it about 64 miles and ~18,000ft of climbing in ~31 hours before calling it quits in Manang. Was attempting to beat my 2014 Trails FKT time will adding additional mileage on alternative trails we have discovered since then. It was fun while it lasted.
  • Annapurna Fast Pack Sept 16th-30th. Led our fourth annual trip with www.himalayanadventurelabs.com  and pretty amazing endurance athletes from Australia and USA.  We got way off the beaten trail.
  • Cascade Crest 100m ~24,000ft gain. August 26th.  My third time – course was re-routed into an out-and-back due to forest fires. PRd with a time around 27:32. One of my favorite races and fun to do it with so many friends.  I felt really good even though it had been only a week since Wonderland.
  • Wonderland Trail 94m ~22,000ft gain. August 19th. Impromptu adventure run with Billy Simpson. Super fun. We finished just a hair under 35 hours and went counter clockwise. Unsupported. This had been on my list for years – thanks Billy!
  • Spider Gap Loop 36m. August 9th. Awesome loop near Glacier Peak Wilderness Area. Very hot and buggy. Thanks Rich White for organizing this and Ellen H. and Kathleen E. for being such good company.
  • White River 50m. August 5th.  My fifth time and fifth slowest time. Super hot and smoky from BC forest fires. Thanks John Fiddler for making the trip with me. Great to see so many friends.
  • Dissing the Stegosaurus Butte. ~22 miles? ~12 hours.  We connected the Middle Fork and the Taylor Creek Valleys with a bushwhack and waterwhack between some high alpine lakes. I’m not sure anyone has every done this route. Amazing! Fun with Stephanie G, Dan L, and John D.
  • Needles 50k. July 27th. Super tough and fun event; old-school style and directed by Rich White and Adam Hewey. I regretted missing the inaguaral one last year. It lived up to my expectations. Lots of fun to hang and camp with friends too!
  • Harvey Manning Challenge. July 1- July 4th with Ras Vaughan. Only known time 78:42.  Article in Trail Runner Magazine
  • Wilderness Emergence Medical Technician Course: May 8th-19th. Second half of hybrid course (first half was 70hrs online). This was on site in northern Michigan. Learned a lot!
  • Langtang Fast Pack: April 10th-20th. Co-led trip with Sudeep Kandel and six participants. Left Kathmandu on foot with small party of 8 and traversed Helambu, Laurabina Pass, Gosaikund, and Langtang Valley. However we were unable to cross Kanja La due to high snow levels and had to backtrack and take a jeep out from Syrabu Besi. Trip Report
  • Barkley Marathons. April 1st. DNF. Finished one loop and 9 books on the second. Trip Report
  • Orcas Island 50k. Feb 4th. My 7th time? Fun (as always).
  • Capital Peak Mega Fat Ass 55k. Jan 21st. Slow!
  • Bridal Trails 50k. Jan 14th. I think this was my third time. I like this event because it is a fundraiser for Seattle Running Club and it starts at 3pm – so lots of night running with glow sticks. This year the ground was frozen solid – I went super slow and it was good to see a lot of friends. Big thanks to Francesca for running the last two laps with me.
  • Western WA Fatass 50k. Jan 7th.  Wow – cold! Lots of snow. Thanks to Jennie for running a lap with me!


  • Issy Alps 100 mile Wilderness Challenge. Nov 11th-13th. Took my second shot at this (see 3/26) and was able to finish solo and unsupported, the second person to every do so (go Ras) breaking the FKT in under 54 hours. It is not a fast time! The course is actually 103 miles and has over 30,000 ft of gain. Trip Report
  • Langtang Fast Pack Oct 3-8th.  With Sudeep Kandel. We started on foot from northern Kathmandu and went: Over Shiva Puri, followed Helambu Trail then over to Kanja La and down into Langtang at Kyang Jin Gompa. Finished in Syrabu Besi. Trip Report.
  • Annapurna Fast Pack Sept 17-Oct 1 – Quick, light, and self-supported around the circuit. This was our third event and my sixth time over the pass. Co-directed with Sudeep Kandel www.annapurnafastpack.com
  • Ultra Tour Monterosa Stage Race (running/hiking) – Sept 1,2,3- sweeping the 3 day stage race with Naomi in the Italiian and Swiss Alps.  Race directing by Lizzy Hawker. 116k and 8,500m of gain. Tough! https://www.ultratourmonterosa.com
  • Haute Route Pyrenee  Trek  7/12-8/22. Approximately 800k from the Atlantic (Hendaye, France) to the Mediterranian (Banyuls de Mer, France) across some of the highest ridges in the Pyrenees – frequently straddling the border. This was semi-supported with weekly resupplies by car. Otherwise we camped and walked. With Naomi Press end-to-end, and joined for a good part of it by Dan Price and several others. Lots of climbing and route finding – challenging. Stunning campsites and vistas. Trip Report
  • Long Run out of London 39m, 6/11: Ran/walked from Turnpike Station to Naomi’s house near Edenbridge, Kent.  About 18 miles of urban pavement until hitting Croydon – then many gentle fields and walking paths following the Vanguard Way before arriving at a fish BBQ. Went slow.  About 11 hours.
  • Issy Alps 100M DNF 3/26: Tried to do 100 miles unsupported, solo through the Issaquah Alps outside of Seattle. Carried a heavy pack (too heavy) including snow shoes and only made it about 18 hours and 30 miles into the course before bailing at 1am due to slothfulness, laziness, and pouring cold rain. Thank you James Varner for picking me up on the side of the road and getting me back to my truck. Got home at 3am. Still sore three days later.  Trip Report.
  • Chuckanut 50k 3/19/2016. Maybe my fourth time? Went slow, saving myself for next weekend. Had fun. Nice weather, great people, good cause.
  • Orcas 50k. 2/6/2017. My 7th time. Had fun.
  • Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50k 1/30: This used to be ‘Pigtails’ organized by Van Phan.  I like that it benefits the Maple Valley Food Bank. Nice time – ran with Mary and also Matt. Thanks Tracey and Company for organizing things.
  • Bridal Trails 50k 1/9:I  like this small, community organized event that benefits the Seattle Running Club. And starting at 3pm is neat because you end up running most of the course in the dark following glow sticks, yet you know you are not going to run all night long. Great to see so many friends. It was my second time and I will be back for more! Finished slow but happy in 6:23. Race Website


  • Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail Only Known Time: 11/26 6:25am – 11/27 8:20am. Started in Mudkhu and went clockwise. Thanks to Stephen, Sergi, Mara, Manesh, and Mark for running parts with me. Tough! 49:55 hours. Trip report
  • Manaslu Circuit Fastest Known Time 10/27-10/29: Did this with Sudeep Kandel. Tough! 3 days 14 hours 40.  Very dark Trip Report
  • Annapurna Trail Race 9/15-9/30: Co-directed with Sudeep Kandel. Great time, we are doing this again next year! www.annapurnatrailrace.org
  • Cascade Crest 100m Run 22,000ft gain: 8/29. Harder. Heavy cold rain. Second time – harder than the first – up there in the top 10 hardest pushes I have done.
  • Squamish 50m Run 11,000ft gain: 8/23 Hard. Threw up while stuck in traffic on way back into Vancouver. The two sodas, beer, veggie burger, and post-race corn was just too much. Thanks to Edith for being cool about that and also the young family stuck in the car next to us. And thanks to cousin Eli for taking us to a great concert  – sorry I fell asleep. Mini Trip Report
  • Magic Mountain 8/16. Did not summit. Tough time on the Cache Glacier. Fun time with Edith. Mini Trip Report
  • Alpine Lakes Wilderness Challenge Adventure Run 75m 22,000ft gain:  July 31st – August 2nd.  Took a lot longer than expected. Hit the bush whacking section in the middle of the night. One of the hardest things I have ever done. 43:04.  Trip Report
  • White River 50m July 25th. Took it slow. My fourth finish. Lots of clouds and rain and wanted to save myself for the next week. Mini Report and Pics.
  • High Divide Trail Olympic National Park Adventure Run 26m. Joined up with Brandi Garcia. We ran from Boulder Creek Camp over Appleton Pass and up the high divide trail to Bogachiel  Peak and back. Lousy weather. Thank you Mary for the Salmon.
  • Glacier Peak Summit. July 3rd-4th. On the one year anniversary of our Great Himalaya Traverse – teamed up with John & Kathleen  Edith Buitrago from Colombia.  (10,541ft, 3,213m)
  • Snoqualmie Pass to Puget Sound Adventure Run 74m. June 27th. What an adventure. Thanks Tim Scharks for the ride, aid station and doing my last climb with me. And great to see Lisa Garcia on Mercer! 24:40.
  • Chinook Pass Ultrapedestrian Wilderness Challenge 34m.  June 20th. it was supposed to be 32 miles but I got lost at the start and added a couple bonus miles. This loop is to the east of Mt. Rainier and covers some beautiful trail with a solid chunk of it on the PCT with huge views. I took my own sweet time and recorded my tracks with a gps and also satellite points every 10 minutes. Sadly no elk. Gladly no mountain lions. Much thanks to Kathy Vaughan for designing this challenge.
  • Beacon Rock 50k. June 13th. Drove down with Pablo- fun camping out and running with Matt P., Megan M., Matt F., and Shannon L.  Great time running with Brandi and Mary.
  • Rattlesnake to Seattle Adventure Run 65m. June 6th.A recce for a full trip someday from the pass. a route I bailed on this a couple years ago in the snow and rain. Conditions were much better this time – maybe too hot though. Underestimated things and finished around 3 in the morning at my house.
  • Nepal Earthquake Relief. May 2-May 29th. Fastpack/Community Assessments and Tarp Delivery. Paphlu to Jiri. May 14-17th
  • Capital Peak 50m. April 26th. Did this as a fundraiser for Wide Open Vistas two days after the first earthquake. Resolved to go to Nepal. Took it slow. 11:58. Nice to meet Becky L. and Leo.
  • Yakima 50k: April 18th. Over 9,500ft of elevation gain so is billed as toughest 50k in the state. It it is tough. Lots of sun, no shade, big climbs out in Eastern WA. My second time running this. Nice job Rainshadow.
    Chukanut 50k: March 21st. Ran hard but still maybe one hour since my fastest time a couple years ago.
  • Lord Hill 50k: February 22nd. No comment other than I beat Pablo Cabrera.
  • Orcas 50k: February 7th. Drove out with Pablo. Great time meeting up with Dan Price. Super muddy. Sixth time in six years?
  • Capital Peak Fatass ~55k: January 17th. Super wet, cold and muddy! My time was 6:34 which I don’t consider bad given the
    course conditions and running the prior week. Great fundraiser for the Friends of Capital Forest.
    Thanks to John Pearch and Rainshadow Running, the volunteers, and to Rich White for hosting me. Good times.
  • Bridal Trails 50k: January 10th. Finished in 5:54. Had fun doing this event near Seattle. The start was at 3pm so much of the run was in the dark.


  • Deception Pass 50k: December 13 – Finished in 6:19. It was my second time running this race. My first organized 50k in a long long time. Had lots of fun, did not try to do a flip like last time. Got a ticket for illegally camping in my truck.
  • Annapurna Circuit Fastpack and FKT: Sept/Oct – Led a group of 4 elite runners (Trisha and Uli Steidl (USA), Emma Vaughan (Aus), Sudeep Kandel (Nepal) around Annapurna in 10 days using as many side trails as possible. Returned a few days later and ran it
    as much as possible – setting the FKT in 72:04 minutes. Trip Report
  • Mt. Hood Mashup:  Power hiked up Hood with Matt Palilla, tried to run around the mountain with Julie Cassata but lacked the ability to run most of the 40.7 mile circumference, so walked a lot. We did an emergency bivy for a few hours in the night. Total time was ~33hrs. Rough splits were: 11:55pm 7/25 left overflow parking lot at Timberline, 3:55am summit, ~7:30am back in lot,~8:30am left for circumnavigation, ~9:00am 7/26 finished.
  • Great Himalaya Traverse:  Walked, climbed, and crawled ~1,200 miles across Nepal following the high route of the Great Himalaya Trail with John Fiddler and Kathleen Egan. 87 days, we were the first self-supported team to cross all five technical passes.
    April 8th from Taplejung to July 2nd in Hilsa.
    www.greathimalayatraverse.org | Pics Vol 1 | Pics Vol 2
  • Orcas Island 50k:  My fifth time in 5 years running this 50k and I finished with a PR of 5:50! (2/1)
  • Ultra Trail Kathmandu 50k: Served as assistant race director. for this inaugural race. Ran the course multiple times prior to race mapping and later marking it. Over 11,000 ft of gain! The event was a sucess. Thanks to race director Richard Bull. (1/11)


  • Mt. Manaslu Mountain Trail Race:  Barred from stage 4 by race doctor. Finished first 3 stages as 2nd place man behind Phu Dorjee Sherpa. Completed 6/7 stages. First DNF. ~200/210k,  (11/9-11/16) .
    Trip Report
  • Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek: Co-led with Dorjee Sherpa group of 6 clients to base camp and Kala Patthar. Collected research data along the way. ~120k over 14 days. EBC: 5,334m/17,500ft, KP: 7,161m/23,494ft  (9/30-10/17). Trip Report | Photos
  • Mt. Hood Circumnavigation Adventure Run:  With Matt Palilla and Nichole Sellon. We ran clockwise to cross the Sandy early.
    Harder then the Grand Canyon! ~42 miles, ~10,500ft gain, ~12hrs. Fantastic mountain to run around. (9/14) Trip ReportPhotos
  • Grand Canyon Adventure Run: Double traverse on Kaibob Trail with Nichole Sellon. Got lucky with the cloud cover.
    My first time. 42.5 miles, 10,500ft gain, 13:17hrs (9/7) Trip ReportPhotos
  • Cascade Crest 100m Run:  Kicked my ass. Drank a lot during run. Thanks to all the volunteers. 6,568.44m/21,550ft gain. 29:48hrs (8/24) Trip Report | Photos
  • Mt. Adams Mash Up, Speed Climb and Circumnavigation Run with Matt Palilla: Only known time. We ran up in sneakers and slid down then ran around. A reverse lollipop. 38.6 miles. 12,289ft gain. 23:16 hrs.  (8/15) Trip Report | Photos
  • White River 50m: My third time running this. Great weekend with a fun crew. Ran hard. 8,700ft gain. 9:21hrs PR,  (7/27) Trip Report | Photos
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb: with Jacob Slaa: Gillman’s Point. Second time to crater rim in under a week. This was a freebie as we had an extra day after the circuit run and we were half way up. 5,681m, 18,638 ft. (7/2).
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro High Altitude Circuit Run: With Jacob Slaa: Only known time. Amazing scenery. 12:35hrs. 27 miles, Avg. altitude 4,189m/13,745ft.  (7/1 ) Trip Report | Photos
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb: Worked as assistant guide with S2Mountaineering:  Led by Jeff Reynolds. Great group of 9 clients. Everyone made it! Uhuru Peak. 5,895m, 19,341ft (6/17-6/26)
  • Soaring Eagle 50k: I have no idea why I do this run other then I did my first 10k trail run in this tiny park years ago. I still hurt from Sun Mountain. 3,400ft gain. 5:48hrs.  (5/25)
  • Sun Mountain 50m: I ran hard and bonked hard near the end. Gorgeous open country in the Methow Valley. 7,645ft gain. 9:08hrs (5/19) Trip Report | Images
  • Yakima Skyline Rim 50k: A beautiful weekend. ~10,000ft gain. 6:43hrs. (4/21) Trip Report | Images
  • Gorge Waterfalls 50k: Second time running this amazing run in the Columbia Gorge, a place that has a lot of meaning for me. Ran hard. 6,000ft gain. 5:02hrs (3/30) Trip Report | Images
  • Chuckanut 50k: Krissy Moehl puts on a good race. My third time, I ran hard and PRd 4,500ft gain. 4:57hrs(3/16) Trip Mentions | Images
  • Orcas Island 50k:  The San Juans can’t be beat. My fourth time doing this classic. 8,400ft gain. 6:31hrs PR (2/2) Trip Report |  Images


  • Deception Pass 50k:  For some reason I decided to try a flip off a log during the last mile. Not smart.  5:43hrs. (12/8) Trip Report | Images
  • Ron Herzog 50k: This is a very low key memorial run, mostly on fire roads. My third time. Gotta love the tank traps. 6:15hrs (11/10)
  • Mt. Spokane 50k. My first time running in Eastern Washington. A tough run. 6:46 (10/6)
  • Mt. Sahale Climb – North Cascades. We stopped short of the summit block due to falling rock and day light.  DNS.  (9/ 8) Trip Report | Images
  • Volcanic 50k: A tough run around Mount St. Helens. 6,700ft gain, 8:24hrs  (9/15) Images
  • Roots Rock 25k Run/Bike: Rode my bike to a run on the Olympic Peninsula via the ferry, camped out on the way, and had a lot of fun.  (8/31) Images
  • South Sister Speed Hike  11m: We didn’t really intend to, but Nichole Sellon and I ended up running most of the way up the third highest peak in Oregon at 10,358ft, covering about 4,900 ft/ 5.5 miles to the summit in under 2:45hrs with breaks.  (8/18) Images
  • Stehekin Loop Hike 50m: A magical place. Hiked with Nichole Sellon. 3 days/40m (8/11) Images
  • White River 50m: I jumped into this almost a week after finishing my transcon run. Very freeing after so many road miles, but my body was wrecked for a week. 8,700ft gain. 10:03hrs PR (7/28) Images
  • USA Transcon 3,384m: Hard to sum up this one! Started in Seaside, OR. Ran to Boston, MA. 107 total days 4 of which were rest days. Averaged over 31 miles per day. Self-supported. Fun. A grind. My favorite adventure to date. A wonderful way to experience America.  (4/5-7/20) Images
  • Chuckanut 50k Run: My second time. Some pictures of me rolling backwards down chin scraper made it into Ultrarunner magazine. 4,500ft  6:07hrs  (3/17)
  • Lord Hill 50k: Why, oh why, do I do this run? 7:07hours. (2/26)
  • Orcas Island 50k: My third time. This really wrecked me. Great fun otherwise! 8,400ft gain 6:51hrs (2/8) Trip Report | Images