I’m invoking my right to make a run for it: Sailing center at Castle Island, Pleasure Bay in South Boston. ETA ~6pm. Maps are on website only I’m running tomorrow’s map this afternoon.   See you at the water!

5 thoughts on “Making a run for it…

  1. Congratulations! I spent a couple hours jumping on my computer every 10 minutes asking, “Is he there yet????” And I was on the edge of my seat dreading your harsh drop through the drainage grates! What an amazing accomplishment, I am truly inspired!


  2. Seth, congratulations.I have been following your journey for over 3 months!! see you soon. Outstanding accomplishment; say hi to Donna for me.


  3. You’ve inspired my 10 year old to bike across the country, and as a first step, to bike across NY next summer!

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