After consultations with students, Dorjee, and Tandra we have decided to do the Annapurna Base Camp Trek instead of Gokyo. This will involve no air flights and a lesser chance of altitude sickness. It offers less scenery/views (none of Evererst) than the Gokyo trek and less interactions with health facilities but overall will be safer given the weather conditions. The circuit trek is appealing but presents too many logistics given a high pass that needs to be crossed as well as our limited timeline. Students are now emailing family and friends to let them know they were not on the lukla flight. We will depart from Pokhara tomorrow via minibus and on Wed on the trek. All students are in good spirits and understanding of the changes in plans. I will post a detailed itinerary here later today. Again – we are following the safest course of action. We are off to lunch around the corner and then planning on venturing out in the rain to see some sights. We sent our thoughts to the families of the passengers on board the lukla flight today.

2 thoughts on “Annapurna instead of Gokyo

  1. I am glad you are changing your plans. Don’t let the best interfere with the good. Safety first! Robin

  2. Hey Seth,

    I did not know you had a blog…Hope everything is going well and that you have a good time I am might envious of your work and hiking around Nepal- John Morrison

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