Update 10/11/2011: Minor edits to text below made, also added a few inline photos.

What a crazy day. And little time to write. Only a two hour walk out from the village of Hillel Рbut the signs of civilization kept coming more and more frequently until we started seeing motorbikes and then buses and land rovers in Naya Pul before finally boarding our minibus.  We had a crazy bus ride back to Pokhara and ran out of gas (literally and figuratively) along the way. Ironically we ran out of gas exactly where we started the trek (Phedi). We ordered lunch and ate/waited while our hotel sent a couple great guys our way along with a can of gas. While waiting for the food Tandra and I climbed the stone stairs/switchbacks that had started our trek 2 weeks prior for about 500 vertical feet.

Tandra back at the start, two weeks later


Phedi – ‘After picture’ back on the original steps at trek’s start…

The ride back included a visit to a Tibetan Monastery, refugee camp, and clinic. We were supposed to also visit a public hospital but ended up running out of time and energy and checked into our hotel around 4pm to give the students a couple hours of time to get laundry done – internet – coffee – etc. The place we are staying is deluxe compared to the trail lodges – but it is much more hot and humid here and difficult to adjust to the noise and chaos after 14 days in the mountains. All is well and I am off for a quick (much needed!) shower before a nice group dinner/cake/dancing with the students and Dorjee, Nima (Ast Guide) and the amazing porters who made this trip possible. More tomorrow (maybe) from Kathmandu. Namaste! Seth.

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