Saludos SWEETFCers,
Kelly again with a short update: Seth is safe and sound and snuggled into his tent at Camp III (23,625ft).  He sounds absolutely great – no headache, good mood, having fun.  The climb up was extremely difficult – he described taking several breaths between each step up, then eventually getting over a hump and being able to see Camp III but taking another 45 minutes to get there “when I was so close I could have hit my tent with a snowball.”  What an experience!  He’s now tucked into the tent and is going to finish “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” before he sleeps for the night.  He’s got a bottle of oxygen there if he needs it, and though he may suck on it for a bit for the sake of testing it out, it doesn’t sound like he’s hurting too much from the altitude at this point.  Tomorrow morning (Thursday night, in the states) he’ll descend to Camp II and spend another night there for more acclimatization before heading the rest of the way down to Base Camp.
Send him your good wishes for a restful night of sleep and a safe and fun-filled descent!

Feedback welcome

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