OK- Many more to come but I’m in a bad internet cafe in Kathamandu and I’ve lost the cord to my laptop. These pics were emailed to me by Oskar Kihlborg (Kilhborg.se) after his return to KTM along with some sleuthing using a program called ‘Absolute Recovery’. Hurray for Oskar, I owe him many beers and if anyone needs a photographer…he is the man. There are several more pictures to post and I will get to those (picasssa, fb and here) before I leave KTM in a few days. None will win awards but they’re here! It’s been a tough week and this is one of the best possible outcomes.

Getting cold!!
Really cold!

One thought on “A couple summit pics

  1. I love the thumbs-up one! Awesome!!! The last one (really cold!) makes me cringe. So glad you got these shots…

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