Finally made it into Gorak Shep and have an excellent (relatively speaking) net connection on my laptop. Unfortunately – I got sucked into work emails and now I have to run so I can get back before it gets dark.

But I did get a good crop of pictures from the trip to Camp III posted on  and also on  I’m including some of my favorites here…but please check out the links above for a more complete set and better captions.

In brief news – Christine and Robin returned today from Camp III w/o any problems. Avalanches have reconfigured the route through the Ice Fall. In sadder news, the South Side had it’s first fatality. A 55 year old climber from IMG died on the Lhotse face two days ago and his body was recovered from Camp II today by helicopter. Apparently he had a cardiac arrest near Camp III, was briefly resuscitated with adrenaline, but subsequently arrested again. RIP. Let’s hope there are no more deaths or serious injuries this season. Sorry to close on that note. -Seth

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