Kelly here with a final update:

Let the party begin!!!!!!  Seth is now safe and sound at base camp, coughing a lot but soothing his throat with a much deserved Everest Beer.  At this point, I’ll turn the blog back over to him.  He should be able to write an update of his own within the next day or so with a lot more information for all of us who’ve been living vicariously through his adventures.

Thanks everyone for all your good wishes and prayers!  They worked!!


10 thoughts on “SAFELY DOWN to Base Camp!!

  1. Wow— Mom says this is equal ( but longer) than waiting for your nieces to be born .. a Mom is so happy for such accomplisments but fearful for pain and dissapointment for the outcome.. In all three cases HOORAY!!!! and such great reporting,,, thanks Kelly and love and WOW MOM and rafael

  2. I am not anonymous.. I am his MOM .. no w …in his free time he can teach me how to blog correctly

  3. this is addictive—need you back here at the camp to move fridges and rake lawns… heros still have to work …be sure and thank everybody and dress warmly love mom

  4. Kelly,

    Thanks for all your hard work, frustrations with web sites, etc. You did a great job of keeping us up to date.

    Seth, WEll Done!!!!!!


    John and Georgie

  5. Thank you Kelly for keeping us all updated! Seth glad all went well we are very PROUD of you here in Woodstock, CT been telling all about your climb. CONGRATS to you and your team!
    The McNerney Clan

  6. Congratulations Seth, “SUMMIT WOW !!” We have been following your adventure from Prince Edward Island, Canada, we truly are liveing vicariously through your adventures, awesome job, We enjoyed following your blog. Safe trip home, you will sure have a tale to tell your grandchildren some day. All the best, Alberta & Mark
    Prince Edward Island Canada

  7. Seth- Congratulations from Paris! I’m so happy for you and what a way to chase after a dream and achieve it. Kelly, thanks for keeping us updated. Can’t wait to see more photos and hear about the trip. What a feat. WOO-HOO!!! Kathleen

  8. Every phrase I can think of seems woefully inadequate. I am grateful, happy, relieved and awestruck. Hope to see you (and Kelly) in June in Seattle.

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