Today was my first full day in one place in quite a while. I had a great day (Friday I think) in Seoul. What normally would have been 10 long hours stealing food samples from duty free shops in the Seoul Incheon Airport turned into a fun run into down town where I met up with my friend Seungbum – we were best friends when I lived there from 1995-1997 and have kept in touch since. Just like old times, we bought some beer, and kim pap and spent some good time on a bench getting caught up and doing some people watching.

Due to the miracle of modern jet travel and international date lines and mystical vortexes, I was able to enjoy another Friday – getting picked up mid-day at Seatac by Kelly who greeted me with not just a big hug but a dozen Top Pot donuts. Yummm… The next morning we were off for Memorial Weekend with some rock climbing in Tieton, WA with friends Max and Rebecca. I have to admit, they climbed and I mostly sat on my ass and watched and/or slept. But great to be around friends and pretty mountains and some really neat looking rock. My camera has also gone missing (no great loss there) so these were snapped with my phone on day 1 before the batteries kaputted. .
Max putting up a lead
Kelly Chillaxing
How to sic the gnar gnar
Max moving on up
We got back yesterday and I am almost 100% unpacked and cleaned up. I did my first run yesterday, all of 3 miles and I am a hurting unit today. Just not used to running. And still coughing up a storm. Some light work from home and tomorrow I’m off to the office for pure fun.
Truthfully, this summer looks like fun. I’m working a reduced schedule for UW and have some latitude to pick and choose new projects. The Beacon Rock run in is in a couple weeks (probably will not be up to the 50k and will just do one loop).  A great trek in Peru with Kelly in just a few weeks. A class trip to Annapurna Base Camp in August, and then maybe a run around the disappearing Annapurna Circuit in September. And some yard work!  Cheers to all.

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