Had a really nice run on Blanchard Mtn with friends Kelly,  Pablo, and Scotty. Pics are online in an album. Scotty also has a nice writeup and pics posted. We met at the upper Lilly and Lizard trail head, running into Scotty’s friend Bill and later on the trail another friend Alex. A trail head picture of Scotty’s dedication to running…

We did a little loop down to the lower trail head followed by a ten mile loop past the Samish Overlook – and then I think Kill  Bill Hill up to the Oyster Dome and back down to the cars with some really fast single track filled with curves – the kind you put your arms out and bank like a plane. Some of the trail was familiar – having run parts during the Northface 50m a couple years ago and the Lost Lake 50k earlier this year but a lot was new, or at least felt new.  It’s just down the road from Mt. Vernon where Pablo and Scotty live so they were our guides. Beautiful trails and views. I think this is a nice picture from the Samish Overlook with the San Juan islands in the background.

I wasn’t feeling very strong and lagged a bit – feeling sore. Back at the car I changed out of my new super light trail shoes (read ouch) and back into my cushy clunkers before we hit the trails for a shorter 6 mile loop. My ass was happy to sit down in the end to a beer and a good lunch in Mt. Vernon at a brew pub.

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