Stairs on Saturday with Kelly and then the Cedar River 50k yesterday. What a nice combo. The Cedar River Yours Truly 50k was, ummm, pretty flat. In fact, the most flat miles I’ve done in a run since the Rainier to Ruston 50m. Stands to reason since both use a lot of reclaimed railroad bed. It’s making me look forward to the ~8k of gain next weekend at Orcas. There were maybe 10 people at the starting line and timing was done on the honor system. Some people were out to do a marathon, others 50k. Several looked to be marathon maniacs with their yellow singlets. I think some started early and a little later since there were new faces near the turn-arounds. It was a double out and back, packed gravel, lots of bridges, some tunnels, yucky sub-divisions, burbling water, litter, grey skies. I didn’t plan well and ended up listening to the same 10 songs over and over. The second time out I ran straight past the turn around markings on the trail and ended up confused at a busy road intersection trying to remember whether I had seen it my first time. Finally made it back to the finish where I ate some wonderful lentil soup and baked sweet potatoes served up by Susan Pendleton. I also chatted briefly with an older runner who had just finished his 398th marathon. I wonder what he will do when he hits 400. He was local and┬áregaled┬áme with some stories of when the trail really was a rail line and a forest fire in the 60’s created by a sparking locomotive. Much thanks to Susan and Brian Pendleton for putting on the race. Fun times – hauled myself home and had a lazy Sunday from there out.

Some bad pics are online – and a few below…

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