We met in a little bike shop in the Adirondacks 25 years ago. I won’t say it was love at first sight…but there was some attraction. You had fancy aluminum tubing and shimano components, I needed a ride. Over the years we had a lot of adventures and for the last ten years you’ve been my work horse on the streets of Seattle. When you disappeared outside my door last Tuesday I was angry at myself for thinking that you had aged so much no one else would want you; that leaving you unlocked for a few minutes would be safe. It seemed impossible you were really gone, probably getting chopped up and re-assembled into a Frankenbike in a dingy shop. I don’t know what you did while in captivity or how you escaped, but walking home from a breakfast this morning and seeing you leaning against a random telephone pole two blocks from home absolutely made my day. Welcome back. ‪#‎happyday‬


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